Gemstone Choices for Your Personality

gemstones hand braceletsThere are many different kinds of Gemstones to choose from depending on what you are looking to symbolize. The most popular kind in choosing a stone according to someone’s personality are Colored Gemstones. So how do you choose one that is right for you?

First, you have to evaluate yourself. Think of the qualities and characteristics you have. It is very important for you to be objective about yourself. This is why it is also a good idea to ask someone who knows you very well and is close to you about how they see your personality. Then, it is time for you to do research on stones that potentially match these characteristics of yours.

What The Colors Mean

A brief background on the meaning of Gemstone colors:

• Neutrals – Neutral colors symbolize simplicity and relaxation. They are very popular among sophisticated; one of the most popular neutral gemstones available are Pearls.

• White – The color White symbolizes purity, balance and cleanliness. It is often worn by perfectionists; popular gemstones available in this color are Diamonds, Topaz and Moonstone.

• Black – This color symbolizes power, elegance, mystery and modernity. It is often preferred by professionals. Black can also be seen as a color of rebellion therefore is quite popular among younger generations as well. Famous stones under this category are Onyx, Hematite and Jasper.

• Red – Red is the color of passionate, extroverted and outgoing people. Popular stones under this category are Ruby, Garnet and Coral.

• Blue – Blue is often worn by sensitive, calm and dependable people. Popular stones under this category are Aquamarine and Turquoise.

• Yellow – This is the color of happiness, optimism and idealism. It is often worn by intellectual people. A popular gem under this category is Amber.

• Violet – Violet symbolizes creativity, richness and spiritualism. Creative and artistic people often wear violet. Amethyst is a popular violet colored gem.

• Brown – This is the color of dependable and down-to-earth people. Agate and Tiger’s Eye are popular stones under this category.

• Green – Green is the color of respectable, opinionated and nature loving people. It also signifies growth. Emerald and Jade are some of the most popular stones in this category.

• Orange – This color is often preferred by adventurous and determined people because it symbolizes energy, warmth and desire. Carnelian is popular orange gem.

Do Some More Research

Remember though, its color isn’t the only basis of characterizing a gem; they come in a variety under each color. Gemstones can be classified according to cut, shape and size as well and these all stand for a different thing too. It is important for you to do thorough research on a gem before deciding if it is right for you.

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