2-Carat Loose Diamonds — Better Than 1-Carat Ones?

2-Carat loose diamonds can truly be more expensive than 1-Carat ones. Why? Apart from the far that they are heavier and bigger in comparison to the 1-Carat stones, a single 0.25 Carat jump do cost you an huge additional as regards the price.

diamond reflections


Therefore, these 2-Carat stones are really valuable pieces that you can always choose to buy if you have a whopping budget for it. Among the different jewelry stores online, these 2-Carat gemstones cost much more than the smaller pieces of its kind.

However, if you are really after the size of the piece, you can always buy one and even find some that are priced within the range of the 1-Carat pieces, depending on the store you choose to purchase from and the other qualities that gauge a diamond’s real beauty.

Finishing Touches

A comparison of 2-Carat stones and its smaller counterparts will give you a conclusion that size does matter when it comes to pricing. However, there are also other aspects that you should look into. A bigger-sized diamond that has not really been expertly cut and smoothed may look very ordinary than a much smaller one that has been finished expertly. It is always good to look into this before choosing to buy a bigger sized stone over a smaller piece.

The Shape Matters

When choosing to buy a stone of this kind, the shape will also matter. When making a decision to buy a 2-Carat or a 1-Carat, why not look for shape too? The shape will matter. Sometimes, a 1-Carat stone will look good and large enough because of the shape it has.

It can even look more striking than the 2-Carat one if it has been finished extraordinarily by the jeweler who made it. You can be able to save up on the big money you would have probably spent for a bigger stone if you only take time to look into its shape and the size illusion it gives.

The Right Size For the Occasion

You can also consider the occasion you are buying it for. If you are buying a diamond for an engagement ring, a 1-Carat stone can suffice. It is already presentable enough and it is also expensive enough already. You are guaranteed that a 1-Carat piece already looks big enough on your loved one’s delicate hand.


2-Carat loose diamonds can be better than 1-Carat ones. However, the carat value is not the only quality that decides the beauty of a stone. Depending on the cut, the color, the brilliance, and the shape, a smaller stone will always be preferred over a much bigger one if the finishing touches on the smaller one have been done expertly enough. It will even cost you a smaller monetary amount if you only have the capacity to choose wisely.

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