Buying A Second Hand Wedding Dress – Pros And Cons

wedding dress beachWhen buying a wedding dress, you don’t really have to have a big budget for it. You can easily buy a second-hand dress and be able to save money for it. It might be good to list down several of the pros and cons so that you know what you will be getting.


• Affordability

Practical-wise, a used wedding dress is far more affordable than a new one. If you are working around a budget, it can be an excellent choice especially if you find a good store that will offer you numerous choices to look into.

• Expensive Brands For Less

If you are concerned about the brand and the real worth of the dress you are picking, then you know that you are getting a good deal. Most expensive wedding gowns can easily cost you less when you decide to buy used ones over the new gowns. Find thrift shops or even ask friend about used gowns and you might be amazed with what you find.

• Minor Alterations

You don’t have to go through many fittings and re-adjustments. If the dress you pick is something that needs minor alterations, a good tailor will be able to fix that in a jiffy.

• Good As New

Since wedding dresses are used only once, you can be sure that the second hand dress you pick will still look like new during your wedding day. Professional cleaning will even be helpful and you can easily have that done for your gown.


• Vague Origins

You might be concerned about the origin of the dress. If you are superstitious, this may come as a major concern for you. You might also be wondering about the different skin diseases that might be caused because of your second hand dress. Therefore, you can solve this by only choosing from stores that are known for their reputable gowns. Besides, it will help to have the dress cleaned first way before you even try it for yourself.

• Size Issues

If you are the kind of person who rarely finds the right size, this can be a problem as most of these gowns are of custom sizes. It can take you a longer time to find a size that will fit you. However, there are lots of these dresses to choose from and if you are patient enough, there will always be a gown made just right for you.

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